Blogger’s Quilt Festival – Spring 2011

I am displaying this floral mini quilt in the ‘blogger’s quilt festival – Spring 2011’.

I made this quilt in a Canberra Quilters workshop run by Beth Miller. This is my first art quilt. What inspired me to learn how to make art quilts is Beth Miller’s quilts. If you check her website out you will know what I mean.

When making this quilt I learnt quite a few techniques and learnt some insight into how to make an art quilt, and if you see the actual quilt work in the background, I did that for the first time too and I was quite impressed with the finished product.

Whilst making this quilt I learnt about the endless posibilities of converting some covetted photo memories into quilts and the freedom of using a multitude of techniques to get the desired effects.

Hope you all have a great time in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival – Spring 2011.


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