TUTORIAL – 8 Wedged Round Cushion Cover


Materials Needed:

2 Fat Quarters of your choice, Paper to cut out pattern, pair of scissors, pencil and all necessary dressmakers tools.

Pattern Making
To make a 14″ Diameter circular cushion, you would need a square piece of paper measuring 16″x16″  or more for ease of drawing.

Fold into a quarter and from the folded centre point mark 7″ on the sides and centre.  Connect the points to make into a circular shape like shown in the picture.

Similarly, cut out on the circular markings as shown in the picture.  

This will make your circle pattern to cut out your cushion pieces.  Cut circle paper pattern in half.

With one half fold the circle into 1/8 to form a wedge shape pattern and leave the other half in a semi-circle to use to cut out the back pieces.

Cutting the Fabric 

Cut out all the wedges to make a separate pattern pieces.  Place both pieces of fabric on top of each other with right sides facing inwards (like shown in the picture below) and place your pattern pieces like shown in the picture leaving at least a half inch gap between the pattern pieces for seam allowance.  


Once you cut out your fabric this is how the front half should look like.


Cutting the back pieces
If you notice the printed half is about 1″ larger than the solid half.  This is to allow for overlap to put on fasteners of your choice.  I will be using buttons.

Now lets do a recap of your pattern pieces.  

  • For the front of your cushion cover you should now have 8 wedges – 4 in solid colour fabric and 4 in your print fabric.  
  • For the back of your cushion cover you should now have two halves of a round – 1 in your solid colour fabric and 1 in your print fabric.

 Sewing the cushion cover
 Step 1:  

  • Put one solid and one print wedge face down on each other and stitch one side block and repeat this step for all remainder of your wedges.
  • You should now have four sets of quarter wedges like in the picture.

Step 2:

  • Continue sewing the wedges together to now make two halves of circle.


Step 3:

  • Sew the two halves together to form a full circle (phew).  If I have not thoroughly confused you lot the finished circle should look like in the picture.
  • and that’s the front done.

Preparing the back of the cushion cover

  • On the straight half of the back pieces, iron on strips of iron on stiffner.  This will provide a firm edge to sew on buttonholes and buttons.
  • Turn the edges neatly and sew as shown in the second picture.

Finished Cushion cover should look like this:

Back                                                    Front

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