Dabbling in FMQ – February 2015

I have recently bought Molly Hanson book – Free Motion Quilting for Beginners.  Over the years I have dabbled in FMQ but I feel I still need to nail it.  There are lots of online resources available and learnt heaps through these resources.  Now I want to take my FMQ further and would like to develop enough expertise to do all my quilting myself

What I liked about Molly’s book is that she talks about her thinking process.  She has a section on how to sketch your FMQ idea’s and how to practice FMQ designs on paper.  Which helps with a smoother flow when you actually sit down to quilt.  Good advice I say, planning is always key to any given project.

Project 1 – Pot Holders

These are two patchworked  pieces I have prepared ready for quilting.  I am thinking that I will turn them into Pot Holders which will be useful for me.  
I was thinking of trying out some of the designs from Molly’s book.  I will document my progress as I go along.

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