2019 Block design challenge

Are you guys ready for some fun!  I am having fun with the Canberra Quilters rowmakers challenge set out for 2018.  As this is now beginning of 2019, I am way behind but that does not matter right.  I loved the concept of the challenge so I am continuing with it.

I am going to design nine quilt blocks using the challenge instructions below.  Its going to be an interactive process so join my no3quiltstudio group on facebook to take part in it.  All instructions and templates will be posted on the group.

Challenge Instructions

The instructions for the challenge is to design quilt blocks using the following criteria:
# Colours Techniques Alphabet
1 Green Scraps A
2 Blue Tradition with a Twist L
3 Neutral Appliqué P
4 Yellow Piecing U
5 Orange Pre-cuts/strips W
6 Purple Adapt-a-block S
7 Pink Modern quilting Z.
8 Red Foundation Piecing C
9 Turquoise Improvisation D

Please find the blocks block designs and instructions in the links below:

  1. Challenge 1  – Green Apple block with Ladybug applique.
  1. Challenge 2
  2. Challenge 3
  3. Challenge 4
  4. Challenge 5
  5. Challenge 6
  6. Challenge 7
  7. Challenge 8
  8. Challenge 9

Happy Quilting!

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