Challenge Sampler Quilt

Are you guys ready for some fun!

This quilt has been designed as part of my guild challenge, however, as the blocks I have come up with will be fantastic skill builder’s especially for those who have done my Beginner Quilt Lessons.  So far, It’s only a virtual quilt and will now start work on the actual quilt blocks.

My usual style is to design symmetrical quilts using a limited colour palette.  Designing this quilt has been a challenge for me on many levels, all the blocks are unique with a myriad of colours used and the layout is also asymetrical.   In this quilt each block has been designed as per the criteria outlined under Challenge Instructions, hence I have used a wide range of colours to fit the criteria.  Having said that, there has to be some semblance of harmony amongst the chaos, therefore I chosen to use grey as my stabilising colour.  All the blocks are kept simple but fun, as I go along I might work on them a little bit more to add interest.  So watch this space.

Joining instructions

  • Updates will be posted on this blog and No3quiltstudio facebook group.
  • Remember this is a fun quilt along so there are no deadlines, just join in the fun.  When sharing please use this hashtag #funquiltalongno3quiltstudio.

Quilt Layout

Quilt Layout

Quilt Size

  • 40 inches x 40 inches

Challenge Instructions

The quilt blocks have been designed using the following criteria:
# Colours Techniques Alphabet
1 Green Scraps A
2 Blue Tradition with a Twist L
3 Neutral Appliqué P
4 Yellow Piecing U
5 Orange Pre-cuts/strips W
6 Purple Adapt-a-block S
7 Pink Modern quilting Z.
8 Red Foundation Piecing C
9 Turquoise Improvisation D


As I progress in the making of the blocks I will reveal the block designs in the links below:

  1. Challenge 1 – Delicious Granny Smith Apples
  2. Challenge 2
  3. Challenge 3
  4. Challenge 4
  5. Challenge 5
  6. Challenge 6
  7. Challenge 7
  8. Challenge 8
  9. Challenge 9

Happy Quilting!

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