No3quiltstudio Craftsy store closing and reassessing quilting goals

This is to inform you that the No3quiltstudio craftsy store is closing, including a host of other pattern stores.  This is a business decision made by Craftsy and pattern designers have no control over it.  Please read the notification below:


More information on why Craftsy is taking this step can be found here: Pattern Store Changes for Designers – December 2018.   I had just started my store in December 2017 and was still finding my feet on what to offer in my pattern store.  If you have purchased any of my patterns on Craftsy, the patterns will still be available in YOUR account library, alternatively I would recommend downloading the patterns to your computer just to be safe.

I am a hobbyist quilter so I am still working out on whether I want to run a pattern shop or not.  My main interest is in creating quilts and sharing them with other quilters for inspiration.  So for now I will devote myself to exploring new techniques in quilting.  Any future quilt alongs with no3quiltstudio will only be for those subscribing to my no3quiltstudio facebook group.

Meanwhile, Happy Holidays! and look forward to sharing lots of lovely quilts with you in 2019.

Love to all



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