Learning Water Colour Painting

Water Colour, you say?! What’s that got to do with quilting, right? Nothing and everything. Its so much fun! Its amazing to see my teacher Chan Dissanayake work a master piece by just a few magic strokes. I am learning to expand my skills on colour, understanding what makes colour. In fabric all we see is the colour, but what does it really mean? What’s the intensity of colour, what’s tone is it? is it warm or cool. Still very apprehensive about it all but having great fun at the same time.

Setting up my easel and board. Check my palette out. Starting to look like I am painting something!

My first piece of “Art”. Trying to create a snow scene. In this I learnt how to use the whiteness of the paper to create snow.

Learnt about washes. How to use washes to create a picture.

I love this picture, thought I’d use this to practice my washes.

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