Three Colours in a quilt

Today I have almost finished my first quilt with more than one colour on the colour wheel I started with a printed flannel fabric and selected colours reflecting the print on the fabric but also making sure I followed the guide in my colour book. I selected one base colour ‘Red’ and then selected three colours directly opposite ‘Yellow’, ‘Dark Green’ and ‘Lighter Shade of Green’ and I am quite pleased with the result. As soon as I take the photo I will post you all a copy….. Also today its the first time that I could google my blog so I am quite excited. Hopefully I see lots of people visiting my site and also commenting.

Colours and Quilting

Today I would like to give you all a reveiw of this wonderful book on colour in quilts. The books title is ‘Color Magic for Quilters’ by Ann Seely & Joyce Stewart. Its the best thing I found, since I was grapling with colour and how to convert the colour wheel to the myriad of fabric colours. It takes you right through step by step into the world of colour and after going through this book I would like to eventually used multiple colours in one of my quilts………….so wait for it………

If you have any book suggestions I’d love to know about it.

’till next time.

“Rose Blush”

Hello Bloggers, This is my first attempt at designing my own quilt and selection of colours. I have discovered that selection of colours is an art in itself. In this quilt I have gone for a ‘Monochromatic’ colour scheme. That means selecting fabrics from one shade of colour. I first bought the light and the dark pinks and immediately the thought of a pink rose came to mind. From this I selected the block which depicted the centre of the rose and then to complete it I embroidered a rose bud in the centre.

Well this is the result.