Art Quilt – My first attempt at making an art quilt

This is photo is taken at the ‘English Garden’ in Yarralumla, Canberra in Autum 2009. As this is my first attempt what I have done is cropped a part of a larger photo where it shows strong lines, so it may not be as daunting as it looks.

Tools I am using to enlarge a 3 cm x 6 cm photo to a 31 cm x 58 cm enlargment:

* Fine tip black pen;
* Tracing paper;
* Lead pencil;
* Scanner/photo copier;
* Paper

First step:

* Trace the outline from the photo onto the tracing paper with a fine tip black pen – make sure that you outline the major lines and mark where the trunk is and leaves are etc.

* Cut out the 3cm x 6 cm outline on the tracing paper. It is very tiny and place it on your scanner (or photocopier) to enlarge to fit A4. I had to do this twice as the only half of the picture was enlarged.

* For those parts of the picture that were not enlarged I extended the paper with other paper add ons to finish my design.


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