17 thoughts on “Dreaming of Soccer Quilt – Finished”

  1. i like the quilted balls. such a good idea.
    like you i like florals ('girl fabrics') so know the challenge of a 'boy' quilt – this looks great

  2. I know what you mean about the masucline quilts. I have two boys, so my quilts are my outlet where I express my girly side. It's definitely a challenge to get in "boy mode" when I'm quilting. But my boys are my sweet babies and so I enjoy it.

  3. Rashida.
    What a handsome quilt and so masculine looking- I love the quilted soccer ball motif in the quilt- its very effective.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful quilt. Enjoy the show..
    Warmest regards,

  4. Your son must truly love this quilt. The soccer ball quilt design is too cool. Never seen that before. My son is also a soccer player. Thanks for sharing.

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