My new blog template and progress on my projects

New Blog Template

I love my new blog template from blogger.  I think I finally have got something that suits my needs.  I love how I could select my background image and the wide frame for my postings.  The side bar looks great and uncluttered. 

Progress On My Projects

I have finally done it.  Finished all the machine embroidery work on my Hydrangea Border and now I will start on the finishing work.  The finishing work will entail sewing on borders and hand embroidery.  hmmm….will keep you posted.

My Wedding Quilt is moving along too, I have begun on the embroidery and also now decided how I will go with the borders.  I was deciding to do something a bit more elaborate for the border but did not want to make it too busy as I am using a lovely print fabric.

Photos will soon follow, so stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “My new blog template and progress on my projects”

  1. The Hydrangea are beautiful and will make a lovely border. I can't wait to see it as it progresses. Yes, the clothes that were a gift to you are Devine!! Very beautiful – and I bet you look wonderful in them. It's fun to see the things that others are doing, thanks for sharing with us.

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