Report on Brunei

First of all thank you all for following my blog. I am now half way into my trip. Have visited brunei, what a pleasent surprise it was. We were in Brunei in transit so managed to see a little bit of it. They have this unique system of having water villages they are like our suburbia but located on th river. Each village cluster has their own school, police station, mosque (as its predominantly a Muslim country). I saw the most beautiful mosques. What I admired most are the colorful head scarves. I bought a few, one of which I will include in my giveaway.

Unfortunately, I cannot upload my photos just yet. I will be including those when I get back to Aus.

Next report will be on Kenya. Till then keep smiling.

As promised photos of Brunei:

 The famous Omar Ali Seifuddin Mosque
 Water Taxi and School in the backdrop
 The Sultan’s Palace seen from the Water
 View of the Heritage Water Village
Bruneians enjoying water sport

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