Free Motion Quilting – FMQ 2012

I have joined the Free Motion Quilting 2012 Challenge set out by Sew Cal Gal.  If you want further details either  click on the FMQ 2012 button on the side bar of my blog or click here.

To be honest I have not had a chance to dip into it as I have been away the whole of Jan travelling (I know its a hard life) and now settling back into work and home routine in Feb.  On the other hand I was almost going to put it in the too hard [email protected]! But then I can across Joan’s Blog and I got re-inspired.  Have a look at Joan’s Blog and you will see what I mean.  Love the FMQ pieces she has produced.

My previous FMQ experience

When I first learnt to quilt, the final lesson was to learn how to Free Motion Quilt your quilts and I thought, hah! no way I am going to be able to do this!  But did give it a try.

So my very first attempt at FMQ and Viola!

After this I took two classes with my local sewing shops Addicted to Fabrics (Cannot remember who with) and Hobbysew in Canberra with Helen Godden.  Both classes took me a bit further, so now I can at least move the fabric around rather than being frozen in time! (ha, ha).

My very early FMQ samples

As you can see they are a variety of squiggles.  I hope to get beyond this now and probably produce something more artistic :-))))

So I look forward to the March 2012 challenge, will get my quilt sandwiches ready, set go!


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