IMQG February Challenge – Sunrise at Amboseli

Hi All,

I am for the first time endeavouring to enter into a quilt challenge.  Something made from scratch! TERRIFYING thought :-).  But here I am:

The brief for the February challenge is to produce a quilt that should say something about the most memorable holiday that you ever took whether it was 2 or even 25 years ago!

My quilt is on my recent holidays to Kenya.  Kenya is my home country so I love it to death! This time we went to Kenya we met with family which was so so special as well some safari.  One of the places we visited was the Amboseli National Park.  Amboseli National Park is one of the many natural national parks of Kenya where you can enjoy seeing wildlife in their natural habitat.  My husband and my son have a good eye for photos and they have taken many lovely photos.  Some of which grace the walls of my lounge room (of course one could say I could be biased) 🙂

One of the photos which has inspired my mini quilt is:

Sunrise at Amboseli

My Process:

Fabric Colour Audition

Preparing the template

Laying out the pieces

Raw edge Applique

At my fellow blogger and IMQG collegue Tina’s request I have some additional photos on how I quilted the mini quilt.  I mainly used the free motion quilting method.  By no means am I an expert, as I too was surprised at my productivity today, I think the planets were aligned.  By the way I used my embroidery threads to do the quilting and also used oil pastels to blend in the colours.  Of course this needs more finessing but I guess more practice is in order.

FMQ detail on the sun – for some reason I chose to do bubbles in the center of the sun.  What’s your opinion?

Used the straight stitch – upright and sideways for the acacia trees

The elephants (if you did not recognise them) are a basic attempt, need more practice there.
The Grass around the Elephants
And my signature so I can remember when I produced this quilt

Ta da………………. presenting Sunrise at Amboseli


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