Art Quilts

Art Quilts have fascinated me since I first saw the quilts produced on Husqavarna machines.  Husqavarna used to run annual Quilt competitions and the quilts produced on it were just mind boggling.  I mean they looked like someone had actually painted [email protected]! but this was not painting with paints and brushes this was art at its best with fabric and thread.  Since then the Husqavarna website includes lots of other inspirational forums such as their blog.  Which has so many lovely creative ideas that you may wish to look at.

The other awesome thing about Art Quilts is that there are no rules, you can use any medium to tell your story.  You can use stencilling, painting, embroidery, screen printing to name a few to tell your quilt story.  That gives amazing freedom to the quilter/quilt artist.

This inspired me to explore further and that led me to take a foundation quilt course with Wendy Saclair and then other quilt courses too, which included a course in Art Quilts with Beth Miller.  This was in 2009.  I don’t know where time flies.  

After taking this course I thought that I will give it a try as well and I have documented my process in one of my earlier posts which you can read here.

This is what I had started putting together, but did not feel that it did justice to the picture so left it on the ‘too hard basket’ since 2009…………

But now after doing my ‘Sunrise at Amboseli’ piece I am getting re-inspired to finish this one off.  

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