My thread sketching and FMQ practice piece

This year is dedicated to the mastery of free motion quilting.

I have joined sewcal gal’s 2012 FMQ challenge. Anyone can 

join in, whenever, so go ahead and sign up.

The piece above is a practice piece which will later grace my 

two bedside tables. Essentially what I have done is 

purchase a fabric with a leaf design and prepared it for 

quilting.  I have three layers, the top fabric, the wool batting 

and the backing fabric and then pinned it in readiness to do 

my free motion quilting.  I have done a bit of thread 

sketching within the leaves, which I am learning from Susan

 Brubaker Knapp’s DVD’s and used the loopy loop design to 

connect the leaves and as a filler stitch.  

This is testing my endurance, but I will persevere! I can see 

these lovely quilt table toppers near my bedside!

To see my completed table topper see here.

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