Part 2 – Flying Geese Cushion Cover

 Part 1 – Pattern Making

Part 2 – Sewing the Block

Part 3 – Quilting and Finishing

Getting the block ready for sewing:  I find it easier if I place my block piece on the cutting mat.  This way I can carry all the block pieces together to where my sewing machine is.  This ensures that I don’t make a mistake in sewing my block pieces correctly.

Ironing after sewing each piece together:  This step is so crucial in ensuring a nice neat finish to your blocks.


My finished block.

Phew lucky I had the grey background material and a shade I was happy with!

This is the finished cushion front.  I did find that after finishing the cushion cover is a bit short of 16″ x 16″ so guess what my creative hat will be put on and wait to see what solution I come up with.  However, my friends work is still not complete, I still have the third bit to show you which then makes it into a lovely quilted patchwork cushion cover.


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