Part 3 – Flying Geese Cushion Cover

Part 1 – Pattern Making

Part 2 – Sewing the Block

This is the final installment of my “Rang de” posting.  I have done my Free Motion Quilting (FMQ) on the cushion cover.  Can’t say its perfect but its a good effort.  See photos below:

After selecting the type of pattern I wanted to FMQ, I sketched it out to see if it will work with my patchwork.

Then I transferred it onto a tracing paper and placed on my patchwork piece to see if  the design will work.

Then I prepared my Cushion Cover top for quilting.  If you will notice I have three layers (backing material, wading and the patchwork cushion top).  The three layers are secured with quilt safety pins to ensure that the layers do not move while I work on my FMQ.

This is the quilted back.

This is the quilted front.

I added a 1/2″ border to finish off my cushion cover of the same background grey fabric and enhanced with some double stitching (using my Husqavarna Designer SE).

I have been thought to label all my quilts/quilt work so that’s what I have done below.

And there you go finished 16×16 cushion cover front.

and cushion cover back with envelope opening.


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