What makes a quilt?

What makes a quilt?

Before I launch into teaching you how to construct a quilt block, I would like to take you through the different components of a quilt.  Below is a photo of sample quilt.  If you see closely into the picture you will see that it has three layers:

  • The top is made up of patchwork blocks – constructing these blocks will be covered in this course;
  • The middle layer is the batting.  batting can be of various material which will be covered in the next course “joining blocks”; 
  • The bottom most layer is the backing.  The backing is a single layer of fabric used to finish off the quilt; and
  • Lastly, in the photo you can see that I have some stitching on the top of the quilt.  This stitching is what holds the quilt together.  Not only is it functional, it is has the capacity to make your quilt in to hmmm to wow!!!. These techniques will be covered in the next course “joining blocks”.  Of course I won’t be able to teach you every technique but we will cover some techniques and can be used to start you off.

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