Row of Tulips – Floriade, Canberra

My Entry in the Husqvarna India 2015 Quilt Competition


Quilt size:                 48” wide x 39” height.

This quilt was inspired by Floriade, the spring festival held in Canberra, Australia annually, in keeping with the theme of this online quilt competition.  In Floriade there are beds of various flowers which display an exuberance of colour.  My personal favourites are consistently the tulip flower beds.  I wanted to bring this exuberance of colour into my quilt, hence the choice of bright, saturated colours. 

When developing the concept of this quilt, I wanted the person looking at the quilt to understand the beauty of the tulips, the brightness of the Australian sun and blueness of the sky on a lovely spring day.

I used the foundation piecing method to develop the top section of the quilt, a method used in patchwork to stabilize pieces of fabric that are stitched together, and particularly employed when you are trying to put intricate patterns together.  For this quilt, I used this technique as I wanted to achieve an almost psychedelic effect for the sun and the sky; it was effective for the tulip flower blocks as well.

I used a mosaic effect to form the green border at the bottom and at the top of the yellow tulip heads, using a medley of greens/browns to give the grass/earth effect.  In the white background I have used some delicate green machine embroidery to depict the greenery around the bed of tulips.  For the sun and sky, again I used a medley of yellows and blues to bring out the psychedelic effect.  The design of the sky was, in essence, an abstract and geometric reinterpretation of that from the Vincent Van Gogh painting “Wheat Field with Cypresses – 1889”, an artist renowned for his impressionist works.  I have used hand embroidery around the sun to define its brightness.

You will notice that in quilting this quilt, I have used the walking foot method as I wanted swirly lines to go through the sky.  The tulips are quilted with a stitch-in-the-ditch method whilst for the white spaces between the tulips, I have used the stipling free motion quilting method.

I used white to showcase the back of my quilt and used a variety of colours from the quilt to frame the back.

I thoroughly enjoyed making this quilt.  My son also deserves a mention as he was a great help in developing the concept of the quilt. 


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