Lesson 7 – How to construct an Attic Window block

This block is a bonus block so I will be using different colours to that I used in the Amethyst quilt.  From this block I will be making a little tray cover.  I will post the photo once finished.

The tricky bits in the block are the way the corners are done.  You will notice that they are diagonal rather than straight.  I was going to use the mitred corners method but after pondering on it I think we can get away with working with with the given template.  You will see what I mean when you read through the notes below.

Fabric needed:

  • 3 fat quarters of complementary or contrasting colours.
  • Matching thread.
  • Sewing machine.

Block templates and my selection of fabric:

Cutting your fabric:

 Cut out your templates as shown below
You will note that I have used a fabric with little birds on it.  This I will fussy cut so I have the birds at the centre of my square template.
Once cut set out ready to stitch on the mat.
Sewing your block: 

Get your sewing machine ready with appropriate thread.  You notice from my previous lessons that I like taking my blocks to the sewing machine on the mat, which I did for this block as well.  This ensures that I don’t make a mistake in sewing the separate block pieces.

I started by attaching the top template to the top side of the centre piece.  But the main thing to note is that I have not sewn edge to edge.  I have left a quarter inch gap before starting to sew and just stopping on a quarter inch at the end.  Then continue joining the other side templates to the centre pieces.  

My tip:  For you first quadrant, I would suggest that before joining all the side templates, just join two at a time, complete your corner first then proceed to sew the next one.
I have also made a short video to show you how I gotthe corners ready for stitching.  This is uploaded on my No 3 Quilt Studo Blog facebook page.  
I have a confession to make, I was a bit nervous about these corners, but after I worked this out as shown in my short video, it was a breeze.
Your finished quadrants will look like this
Now join all your quadrants as we normally do from bottom up and Voila your Attic Window block is ready.  Isn’t it the cutest block?

Please feel free to ask me any questions.  Once finished why don’t you add your block on the shared photo album so I can see what you have created.

Next Course:  Joining Blocks and an overview to finishing your quilt. 

Note for participants: all the course material produced on for this course is the property of No 3 Quilt Studio. Please ensure that this material is not distributed without the my permission.

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