Lesson 1 – Preparing Your Quilt Top

Congratulations to all the online course participants.  You have made your first sampler quilt.  

There will be three parts to finishing your quilt:

  • Preparing your quilt top;
  • Adding a border to your quilt top and preparing your quilt for quilting; and
  • Quilting and finishing your quilt. 

Lesson 1- Preparing your quilt top:


In preparation to joining your blocks you will have to first make sure that all your blocks are even sized.  If you will see the picture below you will notice that my bottom block is a little bigger than my top block.  If that is the case with yours, please trim those extra bits off but make sure that you are not cutting too much into the block.

After adjusting all your blocks this is what they should look like, all evenly sized.

Once all the blocks are adjusted layout your blocks according to your layout as shown in the image below.

Start sewing the bottom row first, then the middle row, then the topmost row.

Please remember my mantra, flatten your seams with an iron.  That gives a neater finish.

Now you will have blocks stitched in three rows.  So again join the bottom row to the middle row by stitching it together.  Once done flatten the seams with an iron.  Then stitch the remaining top row to the joined bottom rows and again flatten the seams with an iron.

Once you have joined the rows together you have your quilt top ready.

Now to add a border to your quilt top – See Lesson 2

Note for course participants: all the course material produced for this course is the property of No 3 Quilt Studio. Please ensure that this material is not distributed without my permission.

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