Using embroidery techniques in my quilts

I often use embroidery to enhance my quilts.  I like using both machine and hand embroidery techniques.  See some of my quilts where I have used embroidery to enhance the design of the quilt:

Machine Embroidery

In my Rose Blush quilt I wanted to experiment with the use of machine embroidery with quilt blocks.  The block I used was the foundation quilt block using fabric shades of pink this gave the finished block a rose like look, therefore To enhance that I chose to embroider the block centre by Using the Husqvarna machine embroidery design, which I felt really added to the overall quilt.


Hand Embroidery

I love using hand embroidery to enhance my quilts.  The quilt shown below is made of  a ready print Alphabet fabric panel.  It was made for a little baby so I felt that by adding these random hand embroidered stars gave a lovely homely feel to the design.  I simply drew the stars onto my finished quilt with textile pencil and embroidered the stars with a thick cotton thread by using even back stitches (a tutorial on this will follow).

In the Xmas Joy and the pink/green ABC Quilt quilts made for the Australian Patchwork & Quilting magazine, again I used Hand Embroidery to enhance the quilts.

I chose to embroider circles on the Xmas Joy quilt to give a feeling of snow fall. Again I used the same technique as in the ABC quilt above.

in the pink/green ABC quilt I have hand embroidered an up/down pattern in the borders with even tacking stitches (I will expand on how I drew the lines in the border) and hand quilted around the Alphabet letters with tiny tacking stitches.




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