Sewing the ‘Emerald Bag’

Presenting the ‘Emerald Bag’ featured in the Australian Handmade Magazine, Vol 36 No 2.   This bag was designed as a summer carry all or a bag you can take with you on a shopping expedition or to the beach.  The pattern and instructions for making this bag is available in the Australian Handmade Magazine, Vol 36 No 2.  This post can be used in tandem with the instructions in the magazine.











Sewing the body of the bag

  1. Cut out Template A from the main fabric, lining fabric and the soft and stable.
  2. Cut out Template B from your contrasting fabric.
  3. Layout Template B onto Template A (main fabric) and top stitch to a-fix to the main fabric.
  4. Then prepare your piece for quilting by laying the soft and stable cut out using Template A and the main fabric (with Template B sewn onto it) and pin it together or if preferred baste it with a cotton thread.
  5. Then quilt your main piece as shown in the picture below.
  6. The body of the bag is now ready.

Sewing the sides of the bag 

  1. Sew the sides of the quilted piece and the lining of the bag as shown in the picture below.
  2. Then prepare the base of the bag by bringing the corners together, ensuring that the seam of your quilt piece and lining are in the centre.  Do this for the quilted and the lining pieces (separately).
  3. Turn the quilted piece inside out, it should look like the third picture below.  Leave the lining piece as it is.
  4. Iron to flatten the seams.





Sewing the Bag Handles, Button Loop and Bias

  1. Insert your lining in the bag and pin together.
  2. Prepare your bag handles, loop and bias referring to instructions in the magazine.
  3. Place the bag handles, button loop to the top of the bag as shown in the picture.
  4. Once bag handles and button loop is secure, finish off by sewing a bias around the top of the bag.






Your Emerald Bag is ready to Enjoy!

Please don’t forget to send me finished pictures of your bag as I’d love to see it and also share on my facebook page: no3quiltstudio.

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