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I am currently working on a quilt “Season’s of Canberra”.  The quilt has a sizeable portion of Applique work and this is a real challenge for me! the reason is that although I do love the look of Applique I really do not have the temperament to do lovely delicate Applique.  However, with this pattern it was necessary to achieve the look I am going for, and as a quilt artist never say never to a challenge right!

In this post I am demonstrating an alternative way of preparing your shapes for Applique for a quilt:


  • Applique template
  • Fabric
  • non-iron interfacing


  1. Cut out your Applique shape from your fabric and non-iron interfacing as seen in image 1.
  2. Sew it up placing the non-iron interfacing on the right side of the fabric and sew a quarter inch seam around the shape as seen on image 2.
  3. Trim excess fabric around the shape and snip to ensure smooth curves.  Snip the centre of the non-iron interfacing making sure that you snip just right.  If you snip right to the end then you will not get the tightness in the seams when you turn over as seen in image 3.
  4. Turn over and pull out the edges to retain the shape of your Applique as seen in image 4.
  5. Iron your Applique shape as seen in image 5.
  6. Your applique shape is ready to use as seen in image 6.
  7. You can attach your shape to your quilt by hand or by machine.

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