Quilt Binding Tutorial

Piping Method

There are a number of ways to do your quilt binding.  You can use the piping method or the facing method.  In this post I will show you how to bind your quilt using the piping method.

Fabric selection

  • Binding can be multi-coloured or mono-colour.  The multi-coloured binding can be made by using the a variety of colours of fabrics where as mono-coloured binding can be made from just one colour of fabric, depending on what suits your quilt.

Preparing your quilt

  • Neaten your quilt edges (refer to images 1 and 2).
  • Measure your quilt around the edges to ensure you cut enough fabric for your binding (refer to image 3).


  • Using the measurements of the edge of your quilt, cut 2 inch strips from your fabric/s.  Join the strips together and press the seams open.  Then fold the strips in half and press with a warm iron (refer to images 4 and 5).


Referring to the images below start sewing your binding (referring to images 6 to 11):

  • Start from midway of one side of the quilt.
  • Ensuring that the raw edge of the strip is aligned with the quilt’s edge, start pinning the folded binding strip to the edge of your quilt.
  • Fold the start of the strip diagonally in a 45 degree angle and start sewing the binding to the quilt.
  • Once you reach the corner of the quilt, finish off the stitching to a 45 degree angle as show in the image below.
  • Then turn the fabric strip to a 90 degree angle and pin it to the quilt as shown in the next image below.  Once you are happy with the alignment start sewing the binding the rest of the quilt edge.  Continue till you come back to the starting point of the quilt.
  • Once again fold the edge in a 45 degree angle and finish off your stitching.
  • Turn over the binding and secure neatly with slip stitch.








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