What makes that winning quilt? – survey response

I have been quilting since 2004.  In the first learning stages I was quite happy to just grab a pattern and make from that.  Then the designing bug hit me and I purchased the Electric Quilt Design software and have not looked back since. In all of this there was one thing bugging me and thought why not develop a survey and see what my esteemed quilting friends have to say.

So, thank you all for indulging me and responding to my survey.  For those who had asked me to report back here is the link:  Survey Monkey Results.

Survey Summary:

  • 61 responded
  • 57 answered
  • 54% thought: If design is great you can getaway with any generic fabric.
  • 0% thought: If you use the latest designer fabric, design does not matter.
  • 46% thought: Neither, it’s all in the eye of the beholder.

and 8 respondents provided comments.



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