Best of 2017 from No3 Quilt Studio

Thanks Cheryl for hosting this Linky Party.  I must admit I don’t use much of my blog except as a place where I can store my creative thoughts and a resource for my quilty endevours.  But when I look back I feel, I have not done so bad after all.  There are lots of other quilt finishes I have had in 2017 but unfortunately cannot share just yet.  But don’t despair you can join my No3quiltstudio facebook page to not miss out on those updates :).  I am very proud of finally opening my Etsy and Cratsy Shops for PDF Patterns for my Quilts and Quilty products.  My most loved pattern is the Windmill European Pillow Covers Pattern.  To check out other Linky posts click on the Best of 2017 Linky button right at the top.

Digital Pattern – Windmill European Pillow Covers







Posts with the most comments

Two posts which stand out with most comments is my Kites quilt post and my Log Cabin Quilt Along (starting February 2018).  I had the opportunity to make a quilt from Christa Watson’s latest book and that was so much fun and for the first time I am hosting a free QAL which I am quite proud off.  It’s more of a beginners QAL so nothing too taxing but a pleasant, no pressure quilt along.

Kite Quilt







Purple Delight

Posts that provoked the best discussions

In late November (I think) I decided to undertake a survey on “What makes a winning quilt”  by that I don’t mean a winning quilt in shows (and perhaps I should have clarified), I meant what makes it appealing to the people out there.  If you are interested you can see the results here.

Thank you!


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