Purple Delight Quilt Along – Log Cabin Block


  • Block A template is available under files section in India Quilt Guild group.
  • Cut out templates A – L for Block A from the block template sheet.  Please note:  in the templates I refer to shade 1 for my purple fabrics and shade 2 for my green fabrics.


  • Cut template L by placing it on your fabric and cut around it one time.
  • If you are fussy cutting, place your template on the object you want to show case then carefully cut it out to ensure that the object is in the centre (refer to images below):

  • For templates A – K cut out strips of 2.25 inches (5.7 cm) from the shades of purple and green fabrics and keep aside (refer to image below).

  • Then starting from template K-A, start cutting out the relevant strips to template size as shown in image below:

  • Please note that where the template instructions are to cut x 2, you will need to combine fabric strips of the relevant shades of 1 and 2.
  • Print out your Block A plan and keep it handy so you can keep referring to it whilst cutting and assembling your block.
Block A – Plan
  • Once you have cut out all your strips.  Keep them marked and in order so they don’t get mixed up.


  • You will now have patches A – L ready to start assembling Block A.
  • Referring to image below join patch K to L then press seams to one side.
  • Then join J to the unit L-K then press seams to one side.
  • Continue to join I, then H, then G, then F, then E, then D, then C, then B, then finally A (refer to completed Block A image), pressing seams to one side.
  • Measurement of your strips after stitching on one side should be 2 inches (5 cm) wide.  Trim off any access.
  • After stitching on both sides the strips should measure 1.75 inches (4.4cm) wide.

  • This completes your Block A.  Now repeat this process eleven more times and keep the completed log cabin blocks aside.
  • Next up – working on the Block B.

You can find tips for sewing the Log Cabin block faster here.

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