Purple Delight Quilt Along – Rainbow Border Block Part 1

Part 1: Working the curves

  • #purpledelightiqgqal2019 block B.
  •  Also note that the curves in this block are paper pieced.  So if you are new to paper piecing please check out my post on the fundamentals of paper piecing techniques.


  • The construction for block B is going to be in two parts:
    • Part 1 will focus on getting the curves right; and
    • Part 2 will be on finishing the blocks.
Image 2 : Template B
  • Finished block B size:  10 x 10 inches.
  • Template B –  is shown in image 2.
  • For working on Part 1 please only print the foundation templates for block B 32 times each.
  • Cut out the templates and clip them up to make sure they don’t get mixed up as shown in image 3.
Image 3


Table 1

Block Template/Patch Fabric Strip Size Patch Count Total Patch Count
B B 1-6 From assorted purples and green fabrics used for the log cabin Cut rectangles or 2.5 inches x 3.5 inches Cut 6 Cut 102

Referring to table 1 cut out rectangles (2.5 in x 3.5 in) using the assorted purple and green fabrics you used for the log cabin blocks and keep them separate and organised as shown in image 4.

Image 4


  • Step 1 – Take one rectangle and pin to the wrong side of your template as shown in step 1 image.
  • Step 2 – Sew across the line at the beginning of the template and at the end of B1.
  • Step 3 – Fold over the template and trim of excess fabric to a quarter inch seam allowance.
  • Step 4 – Image in step 4 shows how the patch will look once trimmed off.
  • Step 5 – Line up your second rectangle, pin and turn to sew on the line of B2.
  • Step 6 – Turn around and flatten the rectangle strip of fabric.
  • Step 7 – Turn around again to sew on the end line of B2 to complete sewing the patch and trim as you did in Step 3.
  • Step 8 – Image in step 8 shows how the trimmed patch will look.
  • Next repeat steps 5-8 to complete the curve.

Finishing the curves

  • Trim of excess fabric from the curve.
  • Once the curves are nicely neatened up set aside.
  • Repeat this process till you have all the completed curves to finish your block B.
  • You should have 32 blocks B to complete your border.

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