The Amethyst Quilt – the beginner quilters best friend

It’s a finish! I love finishes. This is my Beginner Quilt Lessons sample quilt. Its finally quilted and finished off with binding.  Are you a beginner quilter? Do you want to learn to quilt? Then do it.

Beginner Quilt Story

The Amethyst beginner sample quilt was developed in 2015.  I was very new to quilting and designing and writing a pattern was a huge challenge to myself.  I then set out to develop a beginner sampler quilt with my newly bought EQ 7.  The quilt would take a person wanting to learn how to quilt through all the necessary quilt skill building blocks. With these blocks you can make so much more.  You can make them into a stand alone project or combine a couple of blocks to make baby quilts, cuddle quilts, cushion covers or bed quilts if you are so inclined.

  • The first block of the series is a basic block the humble four patch block.  I love the four patch block.  You can make an entire quilt out of it or use it to make a lovely border as I have done in my quilts below.
Four Patch Quilt
Four Patch Border
  • The second block is the elegant  Pinwheel Block.  This block is essentially made by making for Half Square Triangles (HST).  The HST is a hero in the quilting world, it works well to make quick easy quilts or to make as a background if you are making applique quilts.
  • The third block is the lovely Turnstile Block .  This block builds on the complexity of using triangles in a quilt block.  If you play around with colours with that block you can make lovely interesting designs.  Some examples are illustrated in the images below:
  • The fourth block is the Log Cabin Block.  This is an amazing block and I have designed a few quilts using this block as its so versatile.  My most recent log cabin design is the Purple Delight Quilt Along do check it out.
  • The fifth block is the Twist which teaches how to use foundation block techniques or paper piecing.  I like to use a non-paper base to make my foundation blocks but you can also use the paper piecing method.  I love this block so much that I used in a border of one of my quilts and enhanced the block with embroidery at the centre.  This was in the days when I did not have EQ8.
Quilt made with a rose embroidery insert
  • The sixth block is using Applique Techniques.  To be honest I find Applique challenging so I have developed my own way of doing Applique do check it out here.   With this technique I have made the Seasons of Canberra which will be published in the Australian and Patchwork Magazine in May 2018.  So keep an eye out for that.
  • The seventh and the final block is the Attic Window Block.  This block tips the scale on challenging.  It shows you how to work with ‘Y’ seams.  I have a little video on how to exactly sew ‘Y’ seam here.

Don’t wait for too long, jump in and make your first beginner quilt!



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