Purple Delight Quilt Along – Assembling the Quilt Top

How did you go?  Did you have fun putting your blocks together.  It was certainly a challenge wasn’t it?

Well now you can be rewarded for all your hardwork!  You get to assemble your beautiful quilt together.

You will assemble your quilt by sewing together:

Centre Piece

To make the centre piece of the Purple Delight Quilt you will need:

  • 12 completed log cabin blocks (Block A).
Image 1
  • Join Blocks A, starting from row 1 as shown in Image 1.
  • Place your blocks as shown in Image 2 below.
  • Once you have completed row 1 press and set aside.
  • Join rows 2, 3 and 4 similarly, press and set aside.
  • Then pin row 1 to 2, stitch and press.
  • Then continue sewing the the rows till you have attached all 4 rows.
  • Press and set aside.

Border 1

For Border 1 of the Purple Delight Quilt you will need:

  • 32 pieces of the the curved rainbow border blocks.
Image 2: double Blocks B joined to form set 1
  • Take two blocks B and place in a mirror setting as shown in Image 2 to form set 1.  Stitch and press.
  • Make 14 sets of image 2.  Press and set aside.
  • Referring to image 3, join all the double Blocks B sets as follows:
    • for the top and bottom border join 3 sets and also join the corner pieces at the end; and
    • for the side borders join 4 sets.
  • Press and set aside.
  • Join the side borders first to the centre piece.
  • Then join the top and bottom borders to the centre piece + side borders.
  • This completes the joining of border 1.

Border 2

  • Cut strips of 1 inch (sufficient to go around the quilt) from either a medley of fabrics used to make the log cabin or choose a complementing fabric to make border 2.
  • Join the strips press and set aside.
  • Iron your quilt top, flatten and measure the length and width of the quilt top.
  • Cut your strips to the size of your measured length and width of your quilt.  This is to ensure that all sides stay equal.
  • Pin the strips to the sides first, making sure you don’t stretch the quilt top or the strips whilst doing this.
  • Sew and press.
  • Similarly, follow the steps above to join the top and bottom strips of border 2 to your quilt top.
  • This completes the joining of border 2.

Finished Quilt Top

Binding your quilt

You can use your favourite binding style of you can check out my binding tutorial right here.

Once you complete your quilt top please do share the lovely picture of your quilt on the India Quilt Guild group.

For those joining us for the first time please find all details of the Purple Delight Quilt Along here.

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