Loosing your sewjo? Get it back by following these easy tips!

Do you find sometimes that you just get in a creative lull? I do!  I have some tips which might help you get your sewjo back!

Last year I was almost at my wits end trying to finish my quilting projects for the Australian and Patchwork Quilting Magazine and the Australian Handmade Magazine.   I made some baby quilts from “Christa Quilts” design and designed and made a charity quilt and published some patterns onto Etsy and Craftsy.  I pattern tested the Jade handbag for “Moments” Design In between that I also designed the #purpledelightno3quiltstudioqal2018 which is currently running on the no3quiltstudio group on faceboook.  Phew!  that’s a lot right?

So now I am like, I really want to get back into my sewing but it’s looking like my brain is not corporating :).  So here is what I am doing (apart from writing this blog post) to recover and get back to creating beautiful quilts!

Nothing at the moment!

Treating myself to time with friends!


Sometimes Baking!

Using this time to tidy up!

Finishing my odd jobs!


What do you do when you get this way?  Share your tips in the comments below.

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