Round Base Draw String Bag Tutorial

Round base draw string bag

Material needed

  • Two contrasting fat quarter fabrics: fabric 1 and fabric 2;
  • Ribbon;
  • Iron on interfacing; and
  • Matching thread.



Using the templates:

  • Cut x 2 – round base (8 inches diameter) from fabric 1.
  • Cut x 1 – round base (8 inches diameter) from iron on interfacing.
Image 1
  • Cut x 2 – rectangle (21 x 10 inches) from fabric 1.
Image 2


  • Cut x 2 – rectangle (21 x 10 inches) from fabric 2.
Image 3


  • Take on of the round base pieces and iron on interfacing to the wrong side.
  • Leave the second round base piece without interfacing.
  • Join the rectangle pieces as shown in Image 4 and press.  You should have two of these rectangle pieces.
Image 4
  • Fold the top of both the rectangle pieces and iron to get a crease as shown in image 5.
  • Put a one inch marker on the lower side of the top piece as shown in image 5 to make the opening of your drawstring.
  • Fold and stitch the place where you have marked the 1 inch on all four sides.
Image 5
  • Put both the sewn up rectangle pieces right side facing down.
  • Sew both sides seams of the rectangle pieces together,  making sure that your leave the 1 inch opening for the casing.  Finish off with zig zag to prevent fraying and press the seams.
  • Make two rows of large stitching to form the gathering to fit the round base towards the bottom where the rectangle pieces will join the round base.
  • Take the interfaced round base, fold in half and mark the half point of the circle on both sides.
  • Align the seams to the marked half point and sew the gathered rectangle pieces to the interfaced round base piece as shown in image 6.
  • Once sewn press to flatten the gathering on the round base.
Image 6
  • Now work on the top of the bag.  Fold the top piece where the ironed crease is and sew neatly to the inside seam.
  • Press to flatten as shown in image 7.
Image 7
  • To make the casing for your drawstring sew a 1 inch line on either side of the 1 inch opening of your bag.
  • Cut out the 2 pieces of a drawstring of your choice.  The drawstring should be measure double the entire width of the opening of your bag.
  • Pass the one draw string right around one side of the opening and bring it around the same side.  Knot the end of your drawstring.
  • Repeat this for the other side.
  • Your round base draw string bag is ready.


The round base draw string bag was inspired by the Jeni Baker’s tutorial.  You should check it out.

If you make your own round base draw string bag then be sure to share it on my no3quiltstudio group on facebook.


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