Challenge Sampler Blocks

Are you guys ready for some fun!

This quilt has been designed as part of a guild challenge,  each block has been designed as per the criteria outlined under challenge instructions.  All the blocks are kept simple but fun, as I make progress in making them I will add a little bit more to them to add interest.  I have placed these blocks in an asymmetrical quilt layout to give you an idea of how the blocks can be used.  However, you can also choose to make individual cushion covers too, all of these blocks are unique and can make great gifts for the future.

Also for those who have done my Beginner Quilt Lessons it will be a fantastic skill builder project.

Challenge Instructions

The quilt blocks have been designed using the following criteria:
# Colours Techniques Alphabet
1 Green Scraps A
2 Blue Tradition with a Twist L
3 Neutral Appliqué P
4 Yellow Piecing U
5 Orange Pre-cuts/strips W
6 Purple Adapt-a-block S
7 Pink Modern quilting Z.
8 Red Foundation Piecing C
9 Turquoise Improvisation D

Please find the blocks block designs and instructions in the links below:

  1. Challenge 1 – Green Apple block with Ladybug applique.
  2. Challenge 2
  3. Challenge 3
  4. Challenge 4
  5. Challenge 5
  6. Challenge 6
  7. Challenge 7
  8. Challenge 8
  9. Challenge 9

Joining instructions

  • Updates will be posted on this blog and No3quiltstudio facebook group.
  • Remember this is a fun quilt along so there are no deadlines, just join in the fun.  When sharing please use this hashtag #funquiltalongno3quiltstudio.

Happy Quilting!

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