Green apple block + Lady bug applique instructions

Block Details:

  • Finished Block Size: 16×16 inches.
Image 1


Fabric Requirements:

  • 3-4 fat eights of assorted fun green print fabrics or scraps;
  • 1 fat eight of red print fabric or scraps;
  • 1 fat quarter beige with small black print fabric for background; and
  • Non-iron interfacing.


  • Please download the Green apple and Ladybug block templates from no3quiltstudio facebook group.
  • You will note that there are two template files provided, the:
    1. Green Apple foundation template as shown in image 2.  This will be used as a foundation for paper piecing your block (The template is A4 size therefore you will need to sticky tape the template to make it whole.  Once you have completed this step cut out the template sections as shown in image 2); and
    2. The Ladybug applique templates.
Image 2:  Green apple foundation template


  • This block uses the paper piecing method of construction.  You will find some useful resources here.
  • The beauty of using the paper piecing method is that you don’t need to cut out each of your template shapes accurately, therefore you will cut as you go.


Image 3: Patch outline
  • Refer to image 3: patch outline and start sewing your block.
  • Please pay close attention to each patch shape when cutting your fabric.

Constructing Section 1

  • Place patch a, template onto background fabric and cut 1.
  • Keep to the side.

Constructing Section 2

  • Start constructing section 2.
  • Refer to the fabric colours in image 1.
  • Cut 1 rectangle from one of the green scraps enough to cover patch a.
  • Pin to the foundation template and start sewing out following the shape of patch a.
  • Once you finish sewing cut out the excess fabric leaving a quarter inch seam allowance all around the patch (image c).
  • Repeat this process till you complete all the patches b to g for section 2.
  • Once you have the centre of section 2 complete press to flatten.
  • Cut out patches h and i and start sewing as shown in image h.
  • Once sewn, press with warm iron.
  • Section 2 is ready.  Remove all the paper gently so not to loosen the stitches.

Constructing Section 3 and 4

  • Start constructing patches j-q to complete section 3.
  • Start construction patches r-v to complete section 4.

Completed sections

  • Once all the sections 1-4 (image 2) are ready, sew them together.
  • Press and trim the sides.
  • Unfinished block should finish up to 16.5 x 16.5 inches.

Constructing the Ladybug

  • Cut out the Ladybug templates from your chosen fabric and non-iron interfacing.
  • Using my applique tutorial  start sewing the Ladybug.
  • Once all the shapes are ready place on block and attach with slip stitch.
  • I have hand embroidered the Ladybug feelers and used FMQ to make the dots on the wings.

Your block is complete.  Please share your finished block on No3quiltstudio group on facebook.

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