Basket Quilt Design

Quilt in design stage

This is a challenge quilt set by my Canberra quilters row by row challenge 2019. A set of ingredients are decided by the group and the group members then set out to design their very own quilt. The ingredients are set around Colour, Shape and Motif.

I use my EQ 8 for designing my quilts. With a lot of playing around in my EQ 8, I have finally settled on my design as shown in image 5. The design started with choosing a block. I have always wanted to work on a basket block so I have chosen this basket block (image 1) to feature in my quilt.

To make the basket interesting I am going to use hexagons to make the base of the basket. I am also trying to use my printed white/grey fabric from my stash (Image 2), which will be appropriate as background fabric for the basket block.

Image 3 are my first thoughts on the design, but I was not very happy as it looks quite dull. So I played around with the colours and decided to make each baskets a different colour and make the background colour for the quilt a little vibrant (see image 4). But again I felt the that the background blocks looked very bland, so then I decided to remove the flowers from the baskets and instead do an applique floral motif in the middle of the plain blocks (see image 5).

This was a very pleasant surprise for me as the baskets started to look quilt pretty on their own and with the applique flowers in the negative space gave the design a fresh look.

I think I am pretty happy with the end result, what do you guys think?#canberraquilters #rowmakerschallenge2019


This quilt is designed as part of the Canberra Quilters Rowmakers 2019 block design challenge.

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