About me

Hello, I am Rashida!

Welcome to my virtual quilting studio.

I blog about quilting projects for beginner quilters to help them make their own unique beautiful quilts.  I love being part of the online quilting community as this was the key, to my own growth as a quilter and quilt designer.


I have been quilting since 2004, and have been in the creative industry since I graduated from Home Science College (majoring in Clothing and Textiles) in 1981.  My professional quilting journey started in 2015, when I took part in the Husqvarna India online quilt competition and got an award for my quilt.  Since then, I have published quilted projects both in the Australian Patchwork and Quilting Magazine and the Australian Handmade Magazine since 2016.  You can have a look at my published projects here.

I am currently working on a quilt project for the Make Modern Magazine  I look forward to revealing that project soon.

Join me in discovering your passion for quilting, just like me!  Read my full story here.

I am always happy to hear from my subscribers, if you have any questions or would like to see any new quilting techniques please be in touch:

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