Learn quilting with 7 easy quilt blocks

Thank you for joining me on your quilting  journey.  This course is a free online resource for those who want to learn how to quilt.

Why free?  This is my way of giving back to the online quilting community as it’s a truly amazing space to be in, full of warm and beautiful people willing to share and learn.  I hope you get a lot out of this course.  If you do run into any issues, you are welcome to email me on [email protected]

No 3 Quilt Studio online beginners quilt lessons

Lesson Plan

  1. Getting ready –  Tools and Fabric etc
  2. Lesson 1 – How to construct a four patch block
  3. Lesson 2 – How to construct a pinwheel block
  4. Lesson 3 – How to construct a turnstile block
  5. Lesson 4 – How to construct a log cabin block
  6. Lesson 5 – How to construct a foundation block
  7. Lesson 6 – How to use appliqué in a quilt block
  8. Lesson 7 – Bonus block – Attic window block

Details about the course

  1. This course is self paced.  Join my no3quiltstudiogroup so I can assist you through your learning journey.  As you go through the lessons I request that you post pictures of your finished blocks in the group so I can provide you with assistance if required.
  2. Please email or PM me to request block templates.
  3. When sharing your completed pictures on social media, please kindly acknowledge no3quiltstudio.

I am very proud of those who have already undertaken this course, please check out their work here:  Participant’s Best Work.

What next?

Follow up course: “Making your quilt top” and how to finish up your quilt.

Note for course participants: all the course material produced for this course is the property of No 3 Quilt Studio. Please ensure that this material is not distributed without my permission.